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Set My Heart Aflutter #1: Thigh-highs/Stockings

Do you know what’s more appealing, heart-stopping, beautiful and sexy than thigh-highs? Nothing. Nothing on Earth. Nothing outside of Earth. Nothing you can even imagine, really. I suppose I’m speaking out of bias here but I don’t really care. Anything … Continue reading

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Things That Cost A Lot Of Money #1: Eyewear / Glasses

It struck me today that I should share my thoughts on eye glasses and how delightful and delightfully expensive they can be. The reason it struck me is I broke my glasses and am currently in the process of gluing … Continue reading

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A Nod To Greatness #1: Fashion Television

If you’re Canadian and male and are old enough to remember that dreary time before the internet existed then I probably don’t even have to tell you about how great Fashion TV was and forever will be. The intro song … Continue reading

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