Snaughty Mailbag

When spambots ask tough questions I provide soft answers. The poor use of English is so delightful sometimes that it must be recorded and kept for generations to come.

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1 Response to Snaughty Mailbag

  1. Joe Schmoe says:

    Now that I have had my Senior Discount lunch at Denny’s,taken the time to actually check out your blog and refreshed myself with a CLEAN Adult Depends,I would like to retract my post made in one of your catagories.You are right,I pre-maturely commented without taking the time to read in deeper.However,I do still defend my choice and right to continue doing what I find enjoying,such as Blood Brothers.See Im not really a Donald Duck kinda guy.I dont dip much into the anger of life.Im more of a Micky Mouse or maybe even more so,an Alvin the Chipmunk.I prefer to see and live in the happier free fun side of life.I believe that a Smile is the Cure All in life and to move forward with positiveness and a little fun mischiveness.

    After reading through your Blog,Which I will say,I enjoyed and is very well done (a compliment),I do sense a bitterness.A tendency to focus on the “What’s Wrong” side of issues.May be tied into the Father issues you shared,Im not a Shrink and wont try to be,nor am I making it wrong.I understand that balance.The Ying Yang of people.Within it all,I do sense a great person in you with great intelligence, (another compliment).Im sure there is a lighter loving side of you,somewhere amongst the bitterness,however,I have no password to enter the “My Love” files.Not asking for one either.I believe everyone should have that great mystery about them and only share that with those they choose.

    Over all,it is a great Blog.It is very well put together.I think the only things I missed was maybe an Enjoyment catagory.A willingness to share what you do find enjoyment,fun,laughter and enlightment in.Cause now after taking the time to check out your Blog,I’m sure you aren’t just All That Snaughty.Opinionated yes,but,arent we all?

    Maybe you could add a section,sharing what your enjoyments in life are.Maybe tell what games you do enjoy.that maybe a 51yr old man may also enjoy,once he has put on a clean Depends,lol.Share with the world,what Snaughty enjoys in life.Just a thought.I would kind of like to know myself now,as well,I’m sure others would also.

    So,I’m giving you an apology,for my earlier post.I was wrong and am sevure enough to say so when I am. “My Apologies”.

    If I could,I would treat you to a Fine Dine Dinner.You would even be free to wear your Thigh High Stockings if you so wished,hehehe.Im an I Dont Care kinda guy,lol. Well,we know that isnt going to happen,so anyway,,,,keep up the great Blog,recognize the bitter,but,never over-look the enlightmess of life.

    I Apologize and Thank You < true email

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