Hello! If you’re familiar with the Benny Blog of Ph33r then you can just guide your way to the fun on the right (or you could pick a category at the top pretty much anywhere. It’s easy) and get right down to wanting to fight me for my comments because you hate them Or falling passionately in love with the order of the characters I poured across the page. It’s a bipolar world out there and I understand whichever side you come in on, but I still hope for a happy middle ground of hating me and wanting to boff me at the same time. That’s some of the best sex ever and also some of the best blogging ever. I said it. Blogging is sex, but it’s usually less messy and more affordable and it generally doesn’t leave big scars on your life that never heal.

I’ll take requests (other than “stop blogging”) and I’ll try to keep it interesting and, if you enjoy the things I write, I’ll likely read a bunch of things on your page because our awesome wits were destined to meet and delight in each other’s craziness. I’ll also try to keep it from getting personal, as I’ve gone awry in the past and it wasn’t a good scene. I also pledge to dump any girlfriend who tries to make me delete this blog, as that was a tragic mistake on my part in the past. Lastly, I pledge to talk about the things that make you smile and/or make you want to strangle people. We’ve got a great future ahead. Don’t stop looking at the stars.

More about me from my About page which no longer exists:
Hello, my name is Benny. I write things sometimes, and fewer times than that I share things I’ve written. I like video games and the way they’re produced. I like anime and books too. I also like women’s shoes and thigh highs and evening gowns and wonderful sun dresses (not on me, of course. I don’t have the legs for it). I like the underdog. I like people who do their own thing and don’t care what other people tell them to do. I like pie.

I’m not as angry as I was when I was 19, but then, who is? I adore tattoos. I like drawn, painted or CG art. I have a short temper when it comes to idiocity in general. I’m generally not afraid to tell it like it is. People seem to enjoy it better that way. I listen to way more video game music than you do. I’m not bragging. It’s a fact. I like to cook. I like programming. I really enjoy giving people a very random and mixed list of information about myself. Maybe that last one shows.

Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate crush. If I could die that she might return I’d do it in a heartbeat, fully understanding that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy seeing her. Only really knowing I was able to make the world a better place. She was everything I ever wanted in a woman and now there’s no one left like her. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay. I’m OCD about sorting my books and my files on my computer but not as much about keeping my living area clean. I cannot explain that. I don’t buy into gender roles. I really like coffee in its many wonderful forms. I love laughing, maybe more than anything else. It’s the greatest gift life has to offer you, you should never deny it.

What a charming fellow

What a charming fellow

“There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved as a man in the depths of an ether binge.” – Hunter S Thompson

“‘How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice.
‘You must be,’ said the cat, ‘or you wouldn’t have come here'” – Lewis Carroll

“Let be be finale of seem, there is no emperor but the emperor of ice cream.” – Wallace Stevens

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