Tragic Mistakes

One of the things we do most often as human beings is to take part in tragic mistakes. When the mistake is horrible enough I’ll feel compelled to write about it. You too can strive to be a topic! Wow and dazzle your friends!

Tragic Mistakes

#1 Online Dating

#2 Toddlers In Tiaras

#3 The Real Housewives of (Anywhere)

#4 Beyonce Wanting “Unflattering” Online Photos Stricken From The Internet

#5 Negative Reinforcement

#6 The Movie Out Here

#7 Brock Anton (Vancouver Hockey Riots 2011)

#8 Paying Money Into Games Like Blood Brothers

#9 Applying For A Job Online

#10 Two & A Half Out Of Ten

#11 Buying From The Competition

#12 Plastic Surgery

#13 Bad Tattoos


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