The more we can share with each other with various electronic devices the more more we watch other human beings do things that inspire us to ask: Why? We also ask many other questions pertaining to the subject which start with Why, as well. What the hell, people? Why do you do these things?


#1 Haggar The Aptly Named

#2 Toolbars (The Bane Of Your Computer)

#3 Stupid Things People Share On Facebook

#4 Liking Blogs You Haven’t Read (And Donut Breath)

#5 Nelson Mandela Likes Toddlers In Tiaras?

#6 The Harlem Shake

#7 Justin Bieber (Anne Frank Memorial)

#8 Coleslaw

#9 (Hollywood) Reboots

#10 Idolmaster Xenoglossia

#11 Why Be Part Of A Group?

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