Know Your Foe #5: Angry People

Nobody knows getting angry better than Donald Duck.

Nobody knows getting angry better than Donald Duck.

One thing about human beings that I really enjoy is our ability to get angry. Most people will think about a thing they’re saying before they say it in the hopes of not offending anyone present. While this is all well and good and promotes less stabbings, it’s disingenuine and it takes away from really getting to know the person. You’re really only getting to know the front they put up to avoid confrontation and that’s not nearly the same. Enter Anger. When people get angry they stop caring whether they’re going to offend the people around them and they start telling you things the way they really feel about them. This is a real treasure and something you should never take for granted. I don’t even care how spiteful the things they say are, it’s just nice to really get to know someone for real, and anger opens arguably the most doors into the inner workings of a person. There’s something quite enjoyable about knowing how a person really feels. As a diabetic I do so enjoy life without a sugar coating.

This is why Donal Duck is the greatest cartoon character ever. Even as I child I could easily identify with Donald Duck. I think the greatest example of his anger, at least for me, is the clip where he’s trying to sleep in a hammock and a fly will not leave him alone. It’s such a simple concept but anyone who’s ever been anywhere with flies will immediately understand how frustrating it is when they land on you and fly away again. I struggle with my anger and, in a situation like that one, I’d probably go back inside to just be rid of the fly, but what’s amazing about Donald is that he doesn’t want to go inside and so he stays out and lets his anger fly off the handle. The indistinguishible things he says when he’s angry only make it even more redeeming. Sometimes, when something really bad happens and I can feel my anger flying out of control, I imagine the angry noise Donald Duck makes when he finally snaps. Sometimes it makes me feel a little bit better. Sometimes I just have to treat the people around me to what I’m really thinking.

Few things make people as angry as telephones. Fact.

Few things make people as angry as telephones. Fact.

If you’re familiar with my blog you’ll notice a trend of telephones making people angry. I can remember one exciting conversation I had with a friend, Chris, while we were on the phone. Sometimes when guys feel a certain way they don’t know how to tell each other how they feel and tensions can rise to a boil. Now that we have discussed our feelings and come to terms with them, we can both look back and laugh at me screaming into my telephone so loudly my neighbours could hear everything I was saying and also we can laugh at him, driving his car towards my place, screaming into his telephone. Apparently people even got out of his lane when they saw the look on his face. Without getting angry we both would have bottled our feelings up further and possibly no longer been friends. Anger can be your friend, when properly applied. The phone helps you to avoid physical destruction, which can also be a symptom of anger.

Anger cares not for age

Anger cares not for age

I’m really glad to be able to use this angry baby twice in my blogging. I’m even more pleased to notice that the original image doesn’t have any bruises on the baby’s face, as after noticing that on my last blog I was considering taking it down, as bruised babies are in no way funny, unless they were fine and the bruise was added after the fact. Babies get angry but they don’t have the words to express their anger and so they just yell at the top of their lungs. It’s hard for me to hear an angry baby without saying, “I know how you feel, kid.” If there aren’t enough angry babies in your life just go to church, as nothing makes babies angrier than church. “We are gathered here today in the grace of God to..” “WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”.

Surgeon General's Warning: You are what you eat. Beware the Angry Wopper

Surgeon General’s Warning: You are what you eat. Beware the Angry Whopper

I’ve seen an angry person spike a hamburger from the ground. I’ve seen an angry person break their phone on a wall. I’ve seen an angry person smash their car into a wall. I was equally delighted to see all of these things. I don’t even mind when I get angry and amuse the people around me with my thrashings. One time I was riding the bus and a woman and her son were next to me. The son was continuously yelling, “I want a cookie!” much to everyone’s lack of delight. The mother, who had obviously had a long and trying day, turned to her son and yelled, “I’ll give you a cookie in a minute!” I don’t even know what that means, but it was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. I hope that one day I will have children, that I may inform them of their impending cookie delivery in such harsh terms.

Anger is natural and necessary. This isn’t an idea world, my friends, and your body and brain can only take so much of it. Bottling your anger up is the leading cause of people moving out of your way on the road because they think you’re going to kill them. It can make you make obscure threats that no one else on the bus understands. Your anger is a part of who you are, and it’s beautiful. Don’t be ashamed of letting your feelings out. If something displeases you then let the world know. Others will appreciate your honesty and your feelings. If you’d prefer to save it up until you Donald Duck your rage into reality that is also acceptable and I’d like to thank you on behalf of everyone around when you do it. If you really love someone then you let them see how you rage on your own in their company. What could be more beautiful than that?

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