A Nod To Greatness #6: Awesome Words



Aside from the super adorable girl I can’t stop thinking about, words are the most important thing in my life. If I had a time machine I’d go back and find the first person to use words and shake their hand. Sometimes I have to wonder about what the first word ever was. Somehow, I think it was a variation of “NO!” I don’t know that that was it for sure, but if you think about human nature it’s very likely. Even if the first word was a negative, though, we’ve come a long way. There is no better feeling on earth than trying to describe something to someone and finding the word that fits like a jigsaw puzzle piece, without having to hammer the piece into place. When someone attempts to explain something to you and they use the wrong words you want to sit down in the street and weep. Well weep no more! The Awesome Words segment of the Nod To Greatness category is here to remind you of the lovely and essential words that are out there. Show your friends! Especially the ones who think “a lot” and “alot” mean the exact same thing. Spell check is not your friend if you don’t read very much.

The first word that needs mentioning here is Toodles, an amazing way of saying goodbye to someone. Nothing even comes close, let’s be honest. The only thing that approaches toodles is “ta-ta”, but it just doesn’t have the same flair. There’s something to be said for the plural nature of toodles. Toodles is actually derived from the French “à tout à l’heure”. Roughly translated this means “Ciao” or, since it sounds very similar when you say it without a French accent, toodles. If you’re on really good terms with someone you can try using “toodleoo”, but I don’t suggest it unless you’re absolutely certain you’ve reached the toodleoo phase of your respective relationship. We’ve lost far too many blazing passions to premature toodleoo. Fact.

Another word you’re probably unaware of (unless you’ve attempted to write “lolol” on a device with autocorrect) is the show-stopper, Loblolly, a fabulous word that describes a mudhole or gruel, whichever comes first. You might not be able to work this word into your daily routine without actually putting some effort into it. Is it worth it? Of course it is. Say it to yourself. Loblolly. It makes your tongue happy to be alive in many ways that gruel never will. I daresay you can use loblolly to describe a bad situation, as being stuck in a mudhole is never to be desired. “Those idiots at Penske really dropped us in a loblolly on this one” (note, this was just an example and not something I’ve ever said. I highly respect Penske and all of Penske’s employees. If they didn’t respect you, though, they could drop your ass in a loblolly. Tip your carrier).

One of my all time favourite words is Salacious, a charming way of describing yourself or someone else as “lewd”. The added bonus of using salacious is that most people will have no idea what you’re talking about and think that it actually means something intellectual. Few things on earth compare to being secretly obscene with a snazzy sheen on it. Salacious is another one of those words that makes your tongue enjoy its job enough to not ask for a raise when it’s review time. A happy tongue will work without a raise for years. Is your tongue happy? If you describe someone else as salacious they likely won’t be offended until they get home and look up its meaning, giving you plenty of time to escape their scathing and likely less impressive retort.

If you’re familiar with the blog and you know someone who thinks flipping their dirty socks inside out is a good idea then the next word is the word for you. Miasma describes a horrible smell that is the result of something that used to be living being slowly, and smellily, converted into rot. You just can’t have a miasma without decomposition, which is what makes it so delightful as a descriptor pertaining to the odours of the body. A miasma can also be an evil air, so don’t neglect to inform your friend, upon entering their car, that you are very impressed with the miasma they’ve been amassing. They’ll be sure to invite you back for future rides, provided you haven’t succumbed to the pathogens you breathed in last time you were treated to a ride.

Another winner in the world of words is Adamant, a word used to describe people who are generally unwilling to yield on a particular subject. Adamant also describes something that is essentially unbreakable, like my rock-hard abs. If you’re still confused by the meaning then I would suggest you invest some of your time in learning about the tiny superhero, Adam Ant, who is the embodiment of everything that is adamant. In his case he is adamant because of the white helmet he wears, and is actually easy to squish without it, but you can use whatever reason you please to be adamant about something. Be aware of the fact that without that something you will also likely be squished. That’s the nature of the beast.

The final word of today’s compilation of awesome is Glean, which means to gather or understand something, typically slowly and labouriously. If you were to, say, read all of Terry Goodkind’s books, you would glean that he has no confidence in his writing ability and that he has to introduce new stories into the middle of a series of books that have nothing to do with the series and progress the plot in absolutely no way. At first the plot moves and the story seems to be good, so you don’t immediately understand that the series will never end. As you start to be introduced to characters who have nothing to do with any of the books you’ve read thus far and whom you care nothing for, you start to glean the fact that the ending isn’t worth reading another page for, let alone another book. Would those stories be read by anyone if they weren’t crammed into the series? Of course they wouldn’t. They’re terrible. You don’t know that at the start, though. You have to work it out over the course of six or more books.

That’s all for this installment, friends. Do you have a word you love more than all other words? Do you wish more people would use a word that you’ve got tattooed on your neck? Do you feel a hopeless desire to submit something to any and all forums online? If the answer to these questions and many others I didn’t ask is “yes” then feel free to suggest a word and it will very likely appear in the next Awesome Words blog. Think of how impressed your friends will be, after you make some using these great words. Letting great words fade into nothingness is a crime we’d all like to avoid. Do your part! Use great words to save the world. It’s that serious. Toodles, Readerland.

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3 Responses to A Nod To Greatness #6: Awesome Words

  1. sophoxymoria says:

    What a great post. Thank you for allowing us to glean your info lol…
    If you believe the bible, John 1:1 then literally the whole universe, the big bang, was literally started by the vibration of a WORD.
    Gods word unlocked this infinitely dense whatever, head of a needle if you want…
    and that sprung the Logos, or the Matrix, or the Universe… Crazy lol
    Words are vibrations and some vibrations can be very powerful…

    • snaughty says:

      Thank you, and wow. I’ve never heard it summed up that way before but I completely agree. I think it’s the same reason magic spells are tied in with an incantation. Without words just about all other advances we’ve made as people would be nearly impossible. That’s pretty powerful.

  2. sophoxymoria says:

    dude check out this video on cymatics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YedgubRZva8

    we dont realize it but the sounds and frequencies we come in contact can have a massive impact on us. Music is more powerful than we think and can def be used against us.

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