Why?! #11: Why Be Part Of A Group?

Do you know who I respect? I respect people who do something because they want to and because they like to. I respect people who have an idea of what something could be and who strive towards that on their own because they believe in it so much they don’t need moral support. If you look back at history, a great many of the people who have massively shaped the world, did so on their own. It was not easy for them. In some cases, we can be certain, it broke some people. People who weren’t meant to change things that way. People say that one of the best things about human beings is our ability to work together to accomplish something, but is that the actual result most often when a group of people get together? I would beg to differ on that count. I think mostly what’s produced in those circumstances is stupid arguments. Try to tell me I’m wrong.

Do you know who wants to join a group of people the most? The weakling. The weakling looks at their side of an issue and sees the big holes in their opinion that make what they have to say pretty much nothing but hot air. How to fix such a problem? The answer is simplicity in itself: Join a group of like-minded people. Give yourselves a name so that people can identify you as like-minded people and so you can kind of gloss over any actual detail about yourself. You can let the louder speaking individuals from the group form opinions for you and just stand around and agree with them. Instead of fumbling to explain something you don’t understand you can stand behind a moron who will make you look like an idiot for associating with them. That’s the problem, isn’t it? I mean, when you put yourself in a group you’re equating yourself with people who could have the IQ of lime Jell-O. Fun fact: If you are the middle of the group and there are people both smarter and dumber than you in the group then the outsiders will always lump you in with the idiots. They’re right to do so.

If you don’t believe me then take a gander at the debacle that is the US electoral system. Nothing will ever be accomplished in the US because the two “groups” that supposedly represent all of the people who live there, dedicate all of their time to calling the other group ignorant (generally pointing at the most ignorant among them and insinuating the entire group is the same) and trying to rig things so that a bunch of bad dirt comes out about the other side at the perfect wrong time. Is either group serving anyone but the people who run it? Obviously not. Try to tell an Obama supporter that you don’t agree with the implementation of Obamacare and you’re instantly branded a “republican”. This idea arises that if you disagree with anything the one group says, you’re ostracized to the other group right away. Don’t even pretend that it’s different on the other side of the fence there, either. You cannot debate most Americans about their policy, you can only debate their group and the stances it takes. Don’t expect to defend your own position on something. You should be defending the position of the other political party’s leader. We all know there are only two possible sides to any argument, right guys? If you go into an election knowing which side you’ll vote for because of the colour of their campaign sign then you don’t deserve the right. You don’t have an opinion or a vote.

Do you have to be a Christian to believe in god and to do things that are good for yourself and for others? No. Nor any of the other names. People get so tied up in making sure everyone knows which way they’re worshipping their almighty that the majority of them forget about the worshipping part of the equation. They worship the group they’re a part of and not the blessings of humanity. Religion is about your relationship with god. Everyone else is a wonderful person but they don’t factor into that. Atheist? Same problem. Why do you need to be part of a group to let people know you don’t believe in god? You can’t just say it? I don’t believe in that. It’s really easy. When you need to group yourself with people in order to say you don’t believe in something you come off as the weakest minded type of human there is. It’s akin to bringing a bunch of friends with you to the grocery store so you can all explain, together, that you don’t collect and use coupons. Reading recently about atheists complaining about getting paired together with those “life isn’t fair because I’m a loser” atheists (you know the type. I’m not saying all are, but typically the more obnoxious ones all seem to fit this pattern) is quite amusing. It really sucks being antagonized because of the loud-mouthed idiots in the group you made yourself a part of, doesn’t it?

If you’ve ever argued online with people from a variety of locations all talking together in one place you likely know about the fabulous groups that represent different races. People will tell you why your country sucks and why their country is a million times better. They generally won’t come right out and say they’re better than you based on where they were born, but it’s strongly implied. They’ll give you any number of reasons. Military, currency, innovation, anything can make a country better than any other. When you ask the person what their personal contribution to any of those things was they fall silent. See, a person’s country is so great because it’s the only thing about themselves that they can use as a source of brag. I’ve seldom been as impressed as I have been when I’ve talked to someone and they told me they were born at a certain latitude and longitude. Don’t you have a single thing you’ve every accomplished that you can brag about? Not even one?

People, we need to stand up and tell people that we’re amazing individuals rather than a trivial part of a larger thing. The world goes out of its way already to reduce you to less than a person. Most of what we hear in a day is directed towards us as a group rather than us as a person. Even this blog is addressed to more than one person, but that doesn’t mean you have it take it that way. In fact, this blog was written specifically for you. I didn’t write it for anyone else. Don’t allow the group to take credit for your work and don’t take credit for a group’s work. You’d be surprised how good it feels to strut when the thing you’re strutting over is something you accomplished on your own. It’s the best. Will you maybe have to stand up and defend the decisions you made on your own? Quite possibly, but if you can do that you will impress people everywhere you go. Stop trying to fit in and rejoice in your difference. It’s the most fascinating thing about you.

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