Tragic Mistakes #8: Paying Money Into Games Like Blood Brothers

They're all about to attack your wallet. Look out!

They’re all about to attack your wallet. Look out!

A recent trend in video games (especially with the invention of apps, being very poor quality games you can get on your smartphone) is to give the game away for free and then include multiple ways in the game for the player to pay money. This seems like a fairer shake than video games of old, because you can try the game before you pay any money into it. The only problem with this idea is we’re still learning about the best way to impliment this practice and many of the companies who try are falling far short. The biggest offender that I know of is Mobage, a company who will not produce a game that is on the level. The game I’ve chosen to focus my awesome attention on is Blood Brothers, a game much like a trading card game (say Magic The Gathering. Yes, I played that one too) but with much simpler rules about how a battle is supposed to go. You can collect different “cards” or “pieces” or whatever you want to call them, and level them up and combine them together to make them more powerful. Thus, odds are excellent if you get a random card you will have to spend more time or money to get up to seven more of the same card (eight is the maximum amount you can merge into one). Thus no one will ever be bored right away because they lucked out and got a bunch of really good pieces. There’s always more work to be done.

Ever dated someone whose mouth invited you into many fights you weren't looking for? Well now you know how it feels, don't you?

Shhhhrrk? Someone got paid money to write that.

You play the role of a vampire who has broken out of an Empirial prison and are on the path to destroy the head of the Empire, some guy whose name I can’t remember because the in game content does not yet get you anywhere close to battling him. You’re introduced early on to Gina, an annoying woman who fights with you early on (something like the first four levels out of a hundred and seventy levels) and then sticks around to sass talk any tough opponents your group runs into. She’ll tell them what an ass-whooping they’re about to recieve, then step aside and let everyone else do the fighting. The only plus side is she drinks some poison on the way and almost dies. Almost being the key and tragic word here. The rest of the “story” mostly is about each zone (The dwarfs build machines in their underground caverns! Deep!) and is really completely useless to playing the game. Sometimes they give you interesting tidbits about zones they will likely never release. In fact, I daresay this blog is longer than the entire story if you put it all together. Having Gina around is akin to having a date who constantly tries to pick fights with people you don’t want to fight. If you’re new to this concept the best way I can describe it is: Annoying.

Wait.. what?

Wait.. what?

The clever trick about Blood Brothers, though, is you can get some free cards for playing the game. These free cards are most often terrible, only really there to get people hooked on the idea of gambling on getting something good. There are also paid for pacts you can buy to get multiple “rare and up” cards, seemingly being a better shot at getting good, but near as I can tell from reading anything anyone has to write about them, virtually the same garbage but this time for real money. Speaking of which, my favourite part is that you dig up your new familiars from a graveyard with the help of Lada, a crone who exchanges coins for coffins but somehow also cares not for money. That’s right, folks, you can exchange coins that you can get in the game for free or you can use coins that you purchase for money in exchange, but somehow the person you’re exhanging them with doesn’t even care for money. My only guess is that Lada cares a great deal for cocaine, which is what she spends the coins on as soon as she gets them. I’m uncertain if this is indicitive of how things go at DeNA headquarters. If you don’t care about money then why is it the only possible condition for exchange?

That terrible twelve second music loop is there to stay, as well. Don’t go thinking just because you’re using a device that can hold thousands of songs you’re going to be able to listen to your own music and play a game at the same time. Trying to talk on the phone with your friends? I hope you like lame music. If you turn the volume down your conversation volume drops too, so it doesn’t matter. People have been suggesting a sliding bar that allows you to mute the music for the better part of a year now but since the music is in no way related to ravaging your wallet, Mobage has no plans in the near or distant future to figure out how to simply not play a song. We’re talking about the addition of one boolean variable and a single line of code here. It’s never going to happen. I could write the code for them for free in about ten minutes. They’re not interested.

I know that games of this nature have to be on a public server that is running all the time and that servers such as those cost money to run. I understand that the people who are paying the money for the game are the ones who are making it possible for everyone else to play. Hell, I’ve even spent ten dollars on the game. I think that’s more than I’ve spent on any other app, too, so I guess I’ve at least paid some of my dues. Why wouldn’t I pay any more, though? Well, because I’m not an idiot. You see, the better your deck gets in Blood Brothers, the harder the competition you’re put up against. That’s right. If you suck you get put up against other people who suck just as much as you do and you get roughly the same points. The better your familiars get the better the people you’re battling get, meaning spending money on the game is completely pointless. You’re better off playing it free and terribly and never learning anything about the game. Paying money only makes the game arbitrarily more difficult and likely ends up costing you more money. The game seems as though you’re playing against other people but you’re really just playing against numbers that are systematically designed to ultimately make you lose and spend more money. I wrote a blog a little while back about The Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken, I’d like for you to understand that Blood Brothers is the fancy, jazzed up, electronic version of that Chicken.

Would you like the green pill or the red pill? They're a hundred dollars each

Would you like the green pill or the red pill? They’re a hundred dollars each

Most of the games Mobage has to offer are of a similar ilk once you strip the pictures away. I’m pretty sure the Marvel game is an almost exact duplicate. If you want to play make sure you always have your worst cards in your front line so you get paired with other garbage players. It’s way easier to reach the lofty point goals they have set for you when you’re not going up against Captain Wallet and the Credit Card avengers. It only becomes a contest of who is willing to spend the most money at that point. Having the best deck in the game will not get you very far. The only way to win events is to either save up items over the course of half a year and use them all at once or, you guessed it, spend a lot of money. Just don’t joke yourself about getting anything for it.

[Edit] A lot of people come to this blog looking for games “like” blood brothers. While This Game is not like Blood Brothers, it is an MMO in which you can pay or play for free, so if that’s what you had it mind maybe you should check it out. It’s actually balanced and fun.

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43 Responses to Tragic Mistakes #8: Paying Money Into Games Like Blood Brothers

  1. jerry connelly says:

    i agree with you totally about mobage inc and blood brothers..i have shamefully spent a couple hundred dollers and never got what i is extremely addicting but i should get a life and stop acting childish on stupid bullshit..thanks for opening my eyes..

  2. trollownt says:

    Honestly, that game is made by complete assholes. The proc rates are fake lies. You can only get legendary cards by spending money on the shitty items to trade for them or paying directly into “moba-coins” to roll the dice on a card that is usually total garbad (garbage and bad). None of the items you earn in the game can be used to gamble on pacts, only money. If you could buy pacts with bugles, gold, fucking shades, whatever that would make it better.

    • snaughty says:

      Ohhhh I completely forgot to talk about how 30% chance to do anything is a complete pile of shit lie! It seems like no matter how much you try to explain all of the fuckery you’re going to drop the ball and forget something. For what it’s worth, the more wins in your win streak the less likely your cards are to proc. After twelve wins you have ~10% chance to proc at best

  3. Now it all make senses.. Thanks for opening my eyes…I got into games because of ratings and reviews where it said that money spending is not necessary..but every moment you play, you will realize that without money you cant even move…and the worst part is, even spending money doesn’t give you the satisfaction…

  4. Anon says:

    People don’t seem to understand that these are games that you play on. your. phone. Don’t expect them to be filled with glorious epics and stunning graphics and gameplay on par with console games. You go in expecting much more than these devices are capable of, and blame a company who’s options in the field of gaming are make money or die. Nobody is perfect, yes, they can do better, but you don’t seem to realize that this is their job, not a hobby they have on the side. You wouldn’t do your job for free so don’t expect them to do theirs for free. At least they update their game and stay on schedule for the updates they talk about for the most part. If you want to complain about a company that makes apps shift your gaze towards Team Ifree and their game Emross Wars, they bend their customers over barrels and give it to them like a fresh faced 18 year old boy in prison then expect you to say “Thank you may I give you more money?”. For example; they haven’t updated their game in a year yet still hold pay-to-win events plagued by cheaters and hackers. Play that game for awhile then try to even begin complaining about others, Ifree has humbled the ever loving hell out of me in that respect.

    • snaughty says:

      I’ve never heard of Emross Wars but you have my word I’ll look into it next. I’m not complaining about the graphics or the general gameplay at all. I think that’s the problem, to be honest. If the proc chances of things were what they were supposed to be and the game operated the way it appears to I think it would be a fun game to play either paying money or not. The fact that there’s an imbalance that they don’t tell you about is what I have a problem with, and if another game is ripping people off even more I don’t think that’s reason enough to excuse Mobage for what they’re doing with this one. Thank you for the suggestion, though. If that game is really as bad as you say it is I’d love to write about it.

      • Anon says:

        The game uses a random number generator, it does not decrease your chances to proc as your streak increases, it does however tend to set you up in harder fights as your streak increases. As I said this is their job, you cannot blame them for wanting to make money, you would do the exact same thing in their position. At least Mobage and DeNa care about the feedback they get whereas Ifree might as well tell you to go soak your head. If you do plan on looking into Emross use my refferal code, I don’t even care if you level I just want to show you what it’s like in one of the games oldest servers and how they treat you for being in a server that has made them hundreds of thousands. (Snaughty: Sorry I took your code out. Nothing personal, but if you hate that game don’t advertise your reference code on my blog.)

      • snaughty says:

        Of anyone I know experienced with the game and in the many forums I’ve read it’s pretty commonly accepted and witnessed that your chance to proc decreases with each sucessive win. Fifty attempts to catch a boss with a 10% chance to catch resulting in one or zero successful catches? I know a fair bit about how random number generators work and the numbers don’t line up. You seem to be under the impression that it’s okay for a company to make a shitty game if there are shittier games out there already. That’s a mistake.

    • trollownt says:

      It’s true, this isn’t some hobby for these guys, it’s their job. So one would think that they would actually make it so you can turn the music off/have music options upon numerous requests. This isn’t some emross app nobody has heard of buddy, this is the 39th highest grossing app on apple and 3rd on android in the USA as of last month. These guys make shit-loads of money.

      Yet to get a legendary without spending mass amounts of money you have to build cards that are damn near impossible to build, then try to sell them on the bazaar for maybe 100 horns/drakes/bloods so you have to repeat this process at least 4-6 times to get 1/2 of a legendary. If you bought scarlet pacts to build your lanvalls/odins to sell this way you would probably have to spend thousands of dollars (as scarlet pacts, that you pay for) also drop complete SHIT.

      If you could buy pacts or trade on the bazaar with bloodmeals, gold, shades I would have no argument as those are attainable in high numbers just by playing the shit out of the game. As of now you can only get legendaries on the bazaar with items you can only get with money. Okay horns/drakes drop in zones from chests but the rate is so low to keep this simple I’m just going to say “they don’t fucking drop”. One per month = 60 or so years and you can buy 1/2 of a legendary. But you’re right, they update the game all the time… oh no, wait, they don’t. Since when is a game update the company telling you “Want your own legendary? Give us some fucking money”?

  5. frog says:

    It’s true that paying money is a waste of time and the company is garbage, but unlike games like rage of bahamut, it is perfectly possible to get legendaries without paying a cent. This is made possible by the in-game Bazaar, where people can put up cards for arbitrary values. Since you can always rely on 99% of people to be stupid, buy low, sell high a few times, and you’re home free. I’ve already made over $100 worth of in-game items without paying a cent, but others have made far more. Of course, Mobage/DeNa probably didn’t count on this happening.

    • snaughty says:

      I understand what you’re talking about and I’m inclined to agree that you can get “ahead” in the game by taking advantage of the bazaar and other people’s stupidity, but the point I’m trying to make here is that getting legendaries does nothing but get you paired up against other people with legendaries and making it so you lose anyway.

    • trollownt says:

      Yeah I do this, and after months, I have way over $100 worth of cards and if I want to give them ALL away I can get 1/2 a legendary. Then I have a hand full of shit, my main, and half a legendary, which my current group would destroy. Awesome! Taking the step from odins to legendary without nerfing your group is impossible without money.

    • 100fists says:

      You don’t seem to have understood the idea here. It’s not about getting ahead dude, the code is freaking rigged, you aren’t even feeding a real chicken either dude. It’s not about how easy you can get “valuable” cards, getting those cards doesn’t help you in the first place it just makes the guys you’re pinned up against harder. You don’t get better rewards for being a tough bastard in this game, leveling up and getting nasty cards is what’s stupid. Mobage/Dena doesn’t care if there are people like you out there, you are just motivating people to chase after stronger cards since those are what your ghost is using to bust in their face. But you don’t see any of that benefit, your proc rates are nerfed if you’re a high level to the point of dying in the first 3 fights to guys with a joke of a party. The point here is that no matter what you do, you ain’t never gonna beat the chicken.

  6. Kylar Stern says:

    Actually, you don’t need to spend money on this game. I myself am a player of it and I have never spent a single cent on the game. Yet I can say I am very successful with really good fams now. And the part about getting legendaries and getting tougher opponents, yes that may be true but only for pvp and world battle coliseum. How would you like it if people who spent money could easily own the game? And the comments about proc rates being rigged are not true. Have you tried counting a thousand times to check? I have and it really is 30%. People think otherwise especially pvp after a certain round because the opponents get stronger and they kill you before you can proc making people think their fams proc lesser. While it is true that we shouldn’t be putting money in this game, there are still people who do it because they can and because they would like a better gaming experience. Just because it runs on a concept like that doesn’t make it a bad game. They are a company after all and they have been improving of late, actually compensating for problems. Overall, I think mobage have been taking too much shit from the community. Give them a break please.

    PS. The game does talk about the dynasty king if you finished the adventure.

    • snaughty says:

      Since you obviously didn’t even read my blog I’m not even going to finish reading your reply. Actually, I didn’t say you need to spend money on this game. Actually, I said not to. Actually, I said spending money on this game was pointless. What part of that makes it sound like I was saying you have to pay money? I said you have to pay to win the events, and you’re full of shit if you’re telling me you ranked in the top twenty-five players for any of the events without spending money. Read the blog again before you comment and try to make sense next time you share your opinion.

    • trollownt says:

      Kylar, I finished the adventure, no cut-scene, no nothing. I couldn’t even tell I was done except there are no more levels. And the last area only has 4 groups of zones.
      The proc rates are definitely fucked with somehow. During the tower event I ran a floor and every fight was exactly the same. My main proced, then one of two evil eyes, then my odin on the right proced and killed the bad guys. Every time – exactly the same – for multiple floors. I don’t know what exactly this implies from a programming perspective but it crushed my belief that there is a % chance at all.
      If by “shit” you mean money, you are correct.

    • 100fists says:

      Do yourself a favor and google “Mobage/DeNA Lawsuits” before you start defending those cunts. They have been in crazy litigation over some of their shady business practices before, so why exactly should anyone “give them a break?

  7. Radmox says:

    Couldnt have said it better myself…
    This game caters only to little kids with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) who at the end of the month get into a lot of trouble for spending all of mommies credit card on useless “Fams” only so the game can become more difficult for them so they can buy more!

    People spending 100’s of real life £ & $ to on “Event Elites” that are completely useless after the events so that they can loose anyway to the guys that have played from the start and have the clear advantage in every event… WAKE UP GUYS!

    Choose life… Choose a nice car and a fancy new Computer… Choose a Big Screen TV and every Blue Ray you ever wanted…
    Choose a Girlfriend and taking her out on Expensive nights out!

    Dont waste your Real money on this “app” (Games have Graphics)
    Its more just a scheme with Pictures!

  8. Madrox says:

    @ Kylar – “Actually, you don’t need to spend money on this game.” : Sure you dont if you intend to play the same boring monotonous scam for about a year before you can actually come close to winning an event and even then its a gamble of Long Odds…

    “Yet I can say I am very successful” – No youre not… I bet you right now youre thinking of 5 Fams that could make your Party better and how to get them… That inkling to purchase a pact to see if its in there is in the back of your mind!

    “And the comments about proc rates being rigged are not true” – They are very true… First 6 Battles your team will Proc a lot… After that you either have to “All Out Attack” or loose basically forcing you to purchase GHorns. I have also done a lot of calculations and after the 6th Battle it goes from 30% too around 8% with even your 70% opening moves failing to proc!

    “opponents get stronger and they kill you before you can proc making people think their fams proc lesser” – Bullshit… I’ve seen in events people with rubbish rare fams proc like crazy and kill OPE Epics because its the 15th Fight… You wouldve otherwise laughed this fight off…

    “because they would like a better gaming experience”
    – There is no better experience… DeNA & Mobage will never upgrade this game because it is already making a ton off of little OCD kiddies and making their parents very angry at the end of every month…

    Open your eyes… In the greater scheme of things this game is nothing more than a money grabbing Scheme!
    You have to realize this before it is too late and you waste too much of your Life, Time or Money on this!

    Too the Author : Well spoken mate… The kids that are wasting their life and money on this rubbish needed to have this said to them…
    I only hope you have persuaded some of them and you wouldve helped them!

    Ps : Im only 19 and I can see this…

  9. Wilfredo Santos Jr says:

    I agree with you on all counts. I’ve been playing this game for close to a year (it may not be great, but it’s a time killer). In the time I’ve played it I’ve noticed that the rate does drop the longer you concecutive battle count goes. It’s like my guys are frozen in fear at the sight of the awesomeness of the band bought with real cash. My friends installed an tried but didn’t like it. I realized thou that the battles he had at his lower level (he didnt get past 20th lvl on the main character) where equal in challenge than the ones I was fighting at 160th. You mostly get garbage from your coins. Even when you get blood coins or special “you get an epic or higher” coins from events, you still get crap. Like a rare with 3 stars (wich as you know s an epic but still a shit rare). Fortunately I’ve only spend 10 dollars way back (I unfortunately didn’t realize your formation grew in size as the game went on). Also thank for making me spit my milk thru my nose. While your article is very true, you narrative was freaking hilarious.

    • snaughty says:

      Thank you very much. I’m glad that I not only explained the un-level playing field but also managed to make you laugh. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me you enjoyed it. I will always try to write about the things that make me angry in the hopes that I can amuse others who are in the same boat. Good luck finding a better game. From what I understand Master Of Dungeon is a somewhat similar game but with a much more fair system in place for the players.

  10. Jack2885 says:

    I like this game very much and spent few thousands dollors buying pacts, recently my accounts being hacked and i log support case to them. Below is their reply:

    Thank you for contacting DeNA.
    This is the Blood Brothers Support Team.

    Sincere apologies for further delay in replying to your inquiry.

    We would like to remind you again that on our system, familiar does not disappear without any handling. We manage all information properly which players had provided us, and please be assured that there is no such leakage of the information from us. If you passed your information to third party and consequently lost familiars or items, we are unable to cover or restore it. Even if any account trouble occurs, we have no control over.

    Additionally, here is way to ensure your account remains safe:

    1) Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long and contains a mix of alphanumeric characters and symbols.
    2) Keep your password to yourself. Never share it with anyone, even your best friend.
    3) Make sure your Mobage account e-mail address is valid.

    We really regret to say that we cannot help you.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    I realise I am an idiot for spending my time and $$ in such a game. Just to share my experience. Their Server have no protection at all.

  11. zaraki says:

    who ever wanna quit BB.. make sure all good fam were transfer to me hehe 🙂

  12. Purak says:

    Interesting article and thanks for sharing it. It should be of little wonder finding money grabbing companies trying their best at cashing in on bored grown up men or kids with nothing better to do by having this kind of games living in a capitalistic and materialistic world. Guys always need their toys to play with, and what better way to entertain us than games that are “free” in “””theory””” but a pocket buster in realty… especially ones we can love and enjoy on our super new smart phones that have already cost us 24 monthly bills or a a good few hundred bucks.

    Nevertheless, BB is a fun game, frustrating and disappointing but fun. My curiosity is aroused because I really and to know how in a weekly event hundreds of players manage to get a team of not 1 or 2, but 9 special fams that are all “perfect”? I mean I win 2 from playing (every freaking day) the third I got lucky, but that’s just 1 star. These guys have 9 4 star perfects. How is that even possible. I refuse to believe anyone would pay THAT much money for a weekly event!!!

    • snaughty says:

      They are paying that much money. That’s the only possible way to get that many event familiars. The game would be fun if the proc chances were legit and the game didn’t revolve around making you pay for things that become worthless the day the event ends.

  13. masai29 says:

    Totally agree with everything that’s been said. I’ve kept track of the proc rates and they vary a lot. The capture rates for the bosses in the dungeons are the biggest joke. There is no way that the 10% rate for the highest dungeon level is true. I’d say that it is closer to 2-3%. I kept track during several of these events and have gone over 30 rounds without capturing a single boss. They change the percentages whenever they want.

  14. Joe Schmoe says:

    Snaughty,you and those that agree with you are the ones whom seem to be the spoiled under achievers.The Give Me,Give me,give me,I must win or I will take my toyes and go home,start up a website and scream,whine and cry cause You cant have your way.The solution is,Grow Up or dont play at all.Nothing in this life is free.You choose what you are willing to buy and pay for to have.If you cant afford it,jealousy set in against those who can.Truth is,this is a game you cant afford,so you want it given to you for free and you will whine and cry,run it and those who can afford it down,because you are jealous of those who designed it and those who can afford it.Blood Brothers isnt even about winning or losing.Its about entertainment.Its a choice of entertainment that comes down to whether you can afford it,if its worth it to you.Its a business for Mobage to make as much money on it as they can.If you designed it,you would want to profit as much as you could,I know you would,I can just tell you are that kind of person,because you whine about what you dont or cant have.There fore,Im sure you dont give as well as you whine,lol.”THE SOLUTION” Dont play it.Find something else to be entertained with that you can enjoy and be happy with and stop being that unhappy spoiled little snotty brat.Or grow up,get a better job so you can afford the entertainment that Blood Brothers offers,like those of us who work hard and can.I myself am a 51yr old man,I have probably spent a thousand dollars on this ENTERTAINMENT SITE and I very well may spend another or several more,Simply,JUST BECAUSE,I enjoy IT.Im not winning,Im not losing,I AM ENJOYING.Now,No Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for you,My Child.Grow Up and Move On.Bye bye lmao

    • snaughty says:

      This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read. So never mind the fact that the game is rigged and lies about what happens, it’s entertaining because some crackjob fifty year old can afford to pay for it? I’ve paid for a lot of games and I’ve probably played more games to completion than you could even count, grandpa. I already stopped playing that piece of shit game and I’m playing some balanced games now that, surprise surprise, are actually good and I have paid money into. I never mind paying for games if they’re worth it. This one just happens to be a con for idiots like yourself, sir. I started this blog long before I hated blood brothers, I only wrote about it because the game sucks. Thanks for taking the time to read the first four lines of my blog and then getting angry about it and not actually trying to argue that the game is fair for any reason other than “I pay for it”. To top all of this off, Blood Brothers is dying horribly. Nobody plays it anymore and mostly because of the reasons I wrote about here. You paid over a thousand dollars for an online game that’s about to go under? You sound like a real winner, gramps. No wonder you’re shitting your adult depends.

  15. dylan says:

    snaughty first let me begin by stating that I read through all of your posts including the original post (so please don’t respond to me the way you responded to every other negative comment, with ‘you obviously didnt read my post’). Blood brothers is a stat based game in which certain measures must be taken from a programming perspective to make everything work as intended.. So first let me address a few comments that were made here concerning blood brothers..
    Not playing against other real people.. yes pvp is not LIVE (where the other player can see the battle take place in real time). If it was players would be constantly spammed with history of battles since there are so many, and the server would be highly unstable with the amount of processing going on between the server and devices..
    Paying money for elites, when they are useless after the event.. put yourself in denas shoes.. consider the black market rate of the resources in bb, they are roughly 1/5-1/10th the price that dena asks for their res.. they cannot lower the amount they charge for their res because that would simply break the floor on the black market and gh would cost 3 cents instead of 20.. causing market crisis and overrall panic and everyone would attempt to dump all their res in a panic, thus making the resources useless and causing many people to quit entirely because their res that they saved is worth nothing.. I personally have 3 thousand gh and am glad deatheater put a market minimum on the gh black market price at 20 cents.. dena also cannot remove elites because everyone buys their res from the black market so elites is the only way they make money now… and when considering you shouldnt be buying elites unless your going for L, and if you get L you can easily sell it for enough gh to make up for everything spent on the events (given you were cost-efficient in your spending on the event).
    I personally have ranked top 60 twice and top 250 once.. I have spent roughly 350 dollars on the game and if I sell my gh at the low black market price today I would make a whopping 600 dollars!!
    The proc rates arent fixed for pvp, the matchmaking is fixed so that the better your squad is the earlier win streak you fight other legendary squads.. if they made legendaries completely dominate the game then you would be right, the game would be a joke and only the early high-rankers would be able to compete at the top level. But thats just not the case.. dena made it where legendaries help but arent completely dominant… I feel you simply cant fathom being a game designer with issues such as these, because if you could you would realize that the balance put into this game is actually superb..

    tl;dr :: ‘sinking money into this game is always a waste’ is an entirely false statement, i have made hundreds of dollars worth of res just by playing events, and working the bazaar.. I do have the money to spend more on this game but dont feel any need to (stomping all claims that they lure you in and get you addicted so that you cant stop spending) actually its the latter, I feel I have played well enough to never have to spend money on the game again.. A year or two down the line I see myself with 9 legendary 2 stars, currently I cant afford that with 3,000 gh but I am constantly grinding more without spending money.

    • snaughty says:

      I’ve played so many games of the same nature that actually got the balance down and were worth spending money on since I wrote this blog. I never intended to imply there wouldn’t be people such as yourself who will go to great ends to justify the money they’ve already spent. You paid more money for that game than I paid for three years of world of warcraft. One’s a complicated computer game and the other is a piece of shit iphone game that goes nowhere. What about the % on the tower bosses? What about the % on procs as your win streak increases? No matter what you tell me you’re not going to convince me that the game isn’t rigged trash when it so obviously is. The only thing that makes me sadder than remembering playing that game is guys who think they’re doing anyone a favour by trying to say it isn’t a smoke and mirrors show. I had a couple of systems that allowed me to improve my deck substantially without spending any money, but the game goes nowhere. It’s just the same shit with the only people who really “win” being the guys who spend a great deal of money on the game. If that’s having fun for you, then please feel free to continue. Most of us just don’t feel that way about it. I do hope this closes the case on this fucking game.

      PS: Which games do you have experience programming?

  16. jade fox says:

    jaded much?


    You might as well break your caps lock key because it would be on par with your writing level.

    As for content, well, you don’t seem to have much going on up there (points at your empty skull)

    • snaughty says:

      Everyone congratulate Jade Fox, this year’s winner of the Most Pretentious Douchebag Quote. I don’t use my caps lock key when I write, so I might as well break it, I suppose you’re right about that. I fail to understand how you juxtapose breaking a key on a keyboard with literary talent, however, so perhaps you could enlighten us all as to how that’s possible. Empty skull joke? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the mindset of the person who spends their money on a scam like Blood Brothers. If what Jade Fox says makes even the slightest shred of sense to you then the game may also be right up your alley.

  17. Brinley says:

    I’m done. I spent too much money on this last pvp event thinking I’ll climb the ranks. I didn’t. I have to go up against players with full sets of legendary familairs. Its bullshit! That’s it. I’m throwing in the towel. Mobage can take blood brothers and shove it! I might as well spend the same money on a PS4 or XBox One and play real games!

  18. MattyPinball says:

    Thanks for writing this. I just started playing BB a few days ago. It’s cold and snowy out, I have a cold and found it fun. Based on Brinley’s comment, I have to believe it hasn’t changed much since you wrote it. I already chucked $10 their way and feel I’ve gotten that much enjoyment out if it, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the pointlessness you mentioned before giving them any more money or too much of my precious time.

  19. ejustice says:

    lol peeps theres a bot with speed hack you can buy items outside of game,if u would spend money why pay them for a hacked glitch game.dont belieme me google it 10 bucks gets u a bot 10 cents a gh

  20. Casey says:

    Good read! I just quit playing bb and agree with most of what the article states. Without some data I don’t know if one can make the argument about proc rates. After playing for over 1 year I’d guess that the proc rates are accurate. You have to ask yourself, “how would DeNA benefit from nerfing the proc rate”? “How does that equate to more money for DeNA?” I can’t come up with an answer. By losing battles late in pvp I never asked myself for a monetary solution to my losses because there isn’t one. Spending more money doesn’t increase my probability of someone in the group to proc so why nerf it? I probably spent $400-$500 on the game. Fortunately, I was very careful with my GH and MD so when I quit I sold over 6k gh and 2k md for $500. Probably close to a wash for me. Had a lot of fun playing the game but the time spent wasn’t healthy. You also have to look at why as an L is important to some people. Assuming that people only want an L so that they can be more dominant in the game is what brought you to your conclusion that getting an L isn’t worth it because the opponents are tougher. This would be accurate but in a way this is a “card game”. I used to collect baseball cards when I was younger and it was about “collecting”. Getting something rare, something to “brag about”. Especially if you could earn one in an event. You could take some kind of pride in that victory (if you take pride in wasting 12-14 hours a day playing a game on your phone I guess lol). I found that if I “farmed bugles through events such as SRB and 1 round of PVP, I could win an L in the next PVP without spending a single GH. Using about 400-700 bugles I could win 1 L. Honestly, I don’t know what you have to do to win 2 Ls because those people were just flat out crazy how much they had to play! Anyways, your article is very good and I found myself nodding my head in agreement through pretty much the entire thing. I also believe that some people’s purpose in the game might be different then your perspective.

    • masai29 says:

      I’ve been playing for over 2 years and there’s no doubt in my mind that DeNA is rigging the proc rates. It’s basically their way of regulating the game to decide how many victories you can amass in a row for any particular event. Right now, they seem to have set the max to 11 victories, although some events they let you get to 15 victories. For this current event, I’ve repeatedly gotten beaten my opponents with ridiculously weaker familiars than the ones I have. Some battles they proc almost 100% of the time, while my familiars don’t proc a single time, and this happens repeatedly when I’m trying to get the 12th victory. There’s no way you’re going to convince me that this is random. The sample size that I’m referencing is just too big and the fact that it almost always happens when I’m either trying to get the 12th or 15th victory also reveals the non-random nature of this rigging.

  21. Just a Guy says:

    It seems the point of this article has shifted from “if you spend money on Blood Brothers, you’re a fuck” to “if you play Blood Brothers or like it at all, you’re a fuck.” I totally agree with you that spending money on this game is ridiculous, no matter how much surplus cash one has. I’ve played free games that had content locks via microtransactions and that’s not even what BB is. Instead, BB is one GIANT content padlock itself; it’s a business model that as you point out was designed to amass profit. From the creator’s perspective, this is awesome. From the player’s perspective, especially the cheap ones like myself, it really sucks (I spent two bucks and said never again).

    I’m totally behind you when it comes to how ridiculously money grabbing the game is and that spending cash is a no-no, but I think you sound like a fucking douche when you try to impose your opinion that the game is bad/a waste of time onto others. “I’m a programmer!!! I know CS III!! I’m qualified to state that this game OBJECTIVELY sucks balls!!!” Just give it a rest. You guys act like BB is heroin or something. If it was, I’d say you need a healthy dose of some ASAP to chill the fuck out.

    • snaughty says:

      I think you inferred something from the blog that wasn’t there. I said I knew about programming only so that I could point out how easy it would have been to add a mute button. I didn’t use that as some kind of reason the game sucks. If anyone needs to “chill the fuck out” it’s probably the guy who waited over a year and a half to write this explosive bullshit comment. I think you sound like a fucking douche every time you put you fingers on a keyboard or open your mouth. You seem to know a lot about heroin, though. Maybe you should go stick a needle in your arm and spend some time on the nod. You’re not really making any kind of a point here. Douche.

  22. igress says:

    clap clap clap
    i have to agree this game is crap and a waste of my time
    but sadly im hooked
    DENA the drug lords sold me something i cant buy with money
    they sold me wins and i love winning (kinda makes me feel like less of a loser)
    plus i don’t have anything better to do i hate all my Friends and life is a bore
    so yeah spend my time on games

  23. pwisdom9 says:

    What i want to know is there a real hack tool that allows one to generator resources? Not interested in hack tool into player account. I am looking for a tool that would say only “victimize” Mobage and DeNA.

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