Snaughty Mailbag #3

Because the mail never stops.

Because the mail never stops.

Welcome to another stellar rendition of the Snaughty Mailbag, the blog that answers the tough questions posed by Readerland. The questions your local assemblyman doesn’t want to answer. The questions that defy Alex Trebek. That’s what real blogging is all about. That’s what feeds the bulldog. Much akin to the hokey-pokey, that’s what it’s all about. Without further delay let’s find out what people have to say!



You’ve captivated your words and you walk off your judgments And gum them onto all If it don’t coincide with to what you were born into, Then you follow the other behaviour pattern You say, “at once what’s your fad and who do you listen to?” who cares? Definitely that rat channel ladder-climbing fake-face beam’s got nothing on me

Voftantania, I care. Especially when you start talking about the rat channel ladder-climbing fake-face beam. I didn’t know people got so philosophical in the comments section of my blog. Please remember to try to sound even crazier than this in the future. You almost didn’t make the cut. What would your parents say?



This lavish search mechanism searches the unconstrained full-text of over 400 online law reviews and law journals, as marvellously as document repositories hosting collegiate papers and correlated publications such as Congressional Investigating Professional care reports. Particular of the law reviews and right journals (such as the Stanford Technology Law Re-examine), working papers, and reports are at online only.

Honestly, I don’t even understand where this is going. Over 400 online reviews? Isn’t that next to nothing? It’s online. I want billions of law reviews, I want to pour them on my bed and shed my clothing so I can revel in them, daring to risk the unkindest papercut of all. You neglected to mention which lavish search mechanism you were talking about, unless that’s a secret code word for “mindless banter”.

Miu Miu Sale

Miu Miu Sale

These people were a principal list of Miu Miu Sale still within the period this flaps did start to times more decrease and parasites us all a lot of… i will be about to overlooked stick them extremely popular origanal product packaging seee in the event it aids.

You had me right from the start with Women’s Shoes (yay!) and then you lost me around “parasites”. I don’t know where you learned your marketing skills, but I think you might need a refresher. I’m glad to see that even with the most broken English you still can tell the difference between “a lot” and “alot”, a distinction many of my friends struggle with, often to the death. You need no refresher in spelling, though I think you may have skipped “making sense” altogether.


That’s right, I had to take a picture of this one and copy it here because I didn’t know if people would really believe me that the site the message came from is, a site reputed to be an avid fan of Snaughty Thoughts. Apparently people in Poland were going to go to the library to do research about a very bad movie that was only shown in half of Canada (essentially a beer commercial) that just came out a few months ago. The Polish apparently write a great deal about the Canadian movie industry, and who can blame them? Have you seen Naked Lunch? Fun Fact: No one gets naked in that movie. Worst video rental of my teenage life.

xenon bulbs

xenon bulbs

Exactly how did you be capable of create a real excellent group associated with commenters to your internet site?

Why, Xenon Bulbs, old buddy old sock, don’t you understand? I be capable of create a real excellent group associated with commenters with the help of people like you. People who pretend to suck up to me so I’ll let them run wild on my blog with ads for garbage. That’s the magic that keeps the internet running and the world spinning ’round. It’s less of a compliment when you don’t make sense.



Tyya’s dad won’t bribe mad anything tolerable at the set aside – no ice cream, no confectionery, no cookies. But when the saleslady puts a valuation sticker on Tyya’s nose, Daddy is at the model mo brittle to secure something goodness

Durnamomo wins for freakiest and funniest post for this session. Today in the shower I found myself saying “No ice cream, no confectionary, NO cookies”. I also said “No fucking cookies” sometimes too, if I felt the need. It seems so serious. I can understand going without two of the three, but all three of them? That’s just morally objectionable. Putting a valuation sticker on someone’s nose is kind of horrifying. Daddy is at the model mo brittle is wonderful, but I think “won’t bribe mad anything tolerable at the set aside” is the all time greatest. Durnamomo, you make my brain go into overtime to try to understand you, you have a rare and wonderful talent.

That’s all for this edition, but keep sending me those comments and you might be a part of the next Snaughty Mailbag. Think of how proud your family and friends will be. Think about how random strange things you say to me will possibly be repeated in the shower, possibly to the tune of laughter. Think about the joy of having such a brilliant spotlight centered on you. Think of the parasites.

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One Response to Snaughty Mailbag #3

  1. trollownt says:

    I thought Xenon bulbs was the best until I caught myself telling (yelling at) my girlfriend “no ice cream, no confectionary, no fucking cookies!” when she asked me what I wanted for breakfast.

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