People We All Look Up To #5: Noel Gallagher

This is what being popular makes you feel like.

This is what being popular makes you feel like.

It’s time for me to be honest here for a second, and I really hate to do that but I can’t write this blog without telling the truth. The first time I heard about Oasis was in my high school newspaper in an article written by a girl I had a really big crush on. She was quite taken with most of the band members, so of course, without listening to any of their music, I hated them all. God, I despised Oasis. If their bus crashed I would have tried to buy the smoking wreckage. I’ve since learned that no matter what you do, girls you like will like popular people they don’t have a shot with and that you shouldn’t let it get to you. It took many years for me to come to accept this. In those years my hatred for Oasis started to melt into a mild disliking and finally into a level of actual appreciation. I’ll never be their biggest fan (That’s my brother, Mike) but I no longer hate them over a girl I never had a shot with. I learned that my hate belonged with her. The high school paper sucked anyway.

A lot of other people jumped on the bandwagon early, though, and I had the enjoyment of learning about and appreciating the band a little bit at a time. I always found the attitude of the Gallagher brothers to be a little much, however, and thought they needed to humble up just a tiny bit. I was wrong to think this way, though, and I’ve come to learn that over the last five years or so. If I had to answer a million stupid questions after any day of work I put in I’d probably behave the exact same way. The more I watch other entertainers suck up to an airheaded media the more I respect Noel Gallagher and his attitude towards stupidity. What I’m trying to say is I took the longest possible path to respecting him, but I still got to my destination just fine, and so should you.

Rock stars are supposed to think they’re better than everything and they’re not supposed to hide how they feel. Bigger than the Beatles? Well, maybe not, I would argue the Beatles have quite a few more songs that are undeniable works of art, but I do think some Oasis songs are amoung the greatest I’ve ever heard. A quick peek at my playlist shows that in the last ten years or so (yes, same playcount information for more than a decade. One of the blessedly few decent things about itunes is the ability to make playlists based on how many times a song has been played) I see the Oasis song Fuckin’ In The Bushes leads the pack by a fair bit. I can’t start listening to that song without hearing the end. It’s just way too good. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s the music from Snatch when Brad Pitt is fighting in the ring at the end. The guitar in that song makes my mood go up two points no matter how bad it is. I have two brothers who played guitar constantly for the last five years we all lived together and I hate guitars. I want to smash them all to pieces. Fuckin’ in the Bushes makes me want to learn to play guitar, just so I can play that song. Quite the turnaround for a band I used to hate for very little reason.

Try to imagine how it feels to be a rock star in these sad and terrible times. Can you blame Noel for the things he’s supposedly said? To top it off he’s living in the UK, a land known far and wide to be the worst in terms of the paper media. I can understand how it would get right into your head and make you think you’re the greatest thing since bread, sliced or otherwise. I can think of very few real rock bands anymore who behave the way a rock band is supposed to behave, and thus I have come to respect Oasis more than I have many other artists. I know what the real fans are saying, Noel isn’t even part of the band anymore. I had to get into the back story to explain it for the people who don’t know who the hell I’m talking about, okay? Geez.

This video sums up why Noel is the greatest. He’s simply fucking amazing. I would have done this exact same interview if I had to put up with the bullshit he’s had to put up with. I can honestly admit that I have rarely respected someone more than I respected Noel after seeing that interview. Fire away. It’s on par with Allen Iverson in the infamous Practice rant (I think sports interviews are the biggest waste of television time in the history of wasted television time) which might only win out because of the Steve Porter remix of said interview. If Noel is too good for Oasis then that’s Oasis’ loss, let’s be honest. From hating him without knowing a thing about him to looking up to him because he behaves the exact same way I would, I would say I’ve done the complete tour. Can you really blame me for any of the paths I took getting there? I don’t think so. If you’ll excuse me, I want to watch that interview again. It’s fucking amazing.

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